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Project Improved Institutional Responses to Children in Contact/Conflict with the Law (IIRCCL)Project
Started on (Date) January 2016
Phased out (Date) December 2019
Funded by European Union
Implementing Partner Aparajeyo Bangladesh (AB)
Working area Jamalpur
Objectives Ojective- 1. Protect the rights of children during arrest, detention and trail. It will do so by establishing Child welfare Desks in police stations and providing legal representation.

Objective -2. Divert Children away from arrest, detention and imprisonment, where it is in the best interests of the child and promote rehabilitation by promoting community mediation through Child Welfare Committees and establishing a bail supervision and support scheme and rehabilitation and reunification programme .

Objective 3 . Lobby the government for juvenile justice reform and the replication of models of good practice developed.

Key interventions
  1. Monthly meeting with CWC,
  2. Training of CWC,
  3. Training of Police officers on children act 2013,
  4. Children Diverted through CWD,
  5. Children reunified with families,
  6. Children Diverted through CWC,
  7. Lawyer’s Panel Monthly meeting
Result of intervention Result 1:  4575Children picked up by the police for petty and status offences will have been released without charge and referred to Aparajeyo to access rehabilitative services, leading to a reduction in their risk of coming into contact with the law again and experiencing abuse within the juvenile justice system. By diverting these 4575 children the project will reduce the likelihood of them becoming stigmatized, re-offending, and being exposed to criminalization, neglect, abuse and exploitation whilst in detention

Result 2: 125 children charged will have received a fair trial leading to a reduction in unsafe convictions, disproportionate and custodial sentences and exposure to abusive situations

Result 3: 1,450 children at risk of coming into contact with the law and who are in contact with Community Welfare Committees (CWCs) will access community rehabilitative services.

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