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Project Nutrition Sensitive Value Chains for Smallholder Farmers (NSVC) Project
Started on (Date) 1st September 2017
Phased out (Date) / Continuing 30 June 2022, on going
Funded by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade(DFAT)
Implementing Partner World Vision Bangladesh
Working area Dewangonj  and  IslampurUpozilain Jamalpur
Goal Smallholder farmers and their families have improved nutrition and economic empowerment.
Key interventions
  1. Value chain analysis,
  2. Formation of producer group,
  3. Input support,
  4. Formative research on consumption and utilization of nutritious foods,
  5. Formative research on existing gender relation to identify barriers for women to economic empowerment and good nutrition,
  6. Mencare Approach for gender equitable relation.
Result of intervention
  • # Roll model  Family will be made
  • #Women empowerment will be increased
  • # They will know about  Food security  & Food preservation
  • # Market accessibility will be increased for producer group and female smallholder farmers&will get fair prize
  • # Gender equity will be increased
  • # Nutritional states will be increased
Project outcome Outcome 1–  to increase income of male and female smallholder farmers and their HHs Outcome 2 –  improved utilization and consumption of nutritious food at HH level Outcome 3- to increased gender equitable relations at the HH lev Outcome 4  – Increased learning on NSA in Bangladesh.
Impressive photographs (Project Image):