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Project Resilience through Economic Empowerment, Climate Adaptation, Leadership and Learning-REE-CALL 2021
Started on (Date) 01 October 2017
Phased out (Date) / Continuing 31 March 2021
Funded by OXFAM
Implementing Partner OXFAM
Working area Baksigonj & Dewanganj Upozilla in Jamalpur District.
Goal and Objectives By 2021 vulnerable women, men and institutions in rural areas are more resilient to social, economic and climatic shocks and stresses


  • Women, men, their families and communities have benefited from sustainable and equitable economic activity.
  • Government, communities & civil society have driven sustainable & inclusive climate action & DRR through collective effort.
  • Duty bearers and lawmakers have developed policies and demonstrated practices that better incorporate the interests and rights of marginalized people and communities
Key interventions
  1. # Organize and further scaling up of dairy, maize, crab,
  2. # Organize value chain actors /entrepreneurs around sunflower, beef , ground nut, pond fish and duck,
  3. # (Food bank), Establishment of food bank to enhance community based food security system,
  4. # Campaign for women economic empowerment,
  5. # Job fair at local level,
  6. # Awareness training (couple meeting) on reducing care work burden to redistributereduction and recognition of care work,
  7. # Demonstration of eco-friendly and climate adaptive agriculture technology,
  8. # Installation of Resilient and inclusive Deep Tube well
Result of intervention
  •  # Resilience community
  •  # CBO women leader and others women are encouraged to take lead in social activities
  •  # Community has identified their problems and become more aware on their vulnerabilities and capacities. Based on the findings they have developed plan for their development program and able to communicate with service providers
  •  # Women dignity is increased at their family level
  •  # Community level food storage practice building greater unity among poor people to face the crisis confidently
Project outcome Outcome -1 : Economic justice and women empowerment

Outcome -2: Climate action, DRR and Resilience WASH

Outcome -3: Active citizenship, influencing and knowledge management

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