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Project Maternal, Neonatal and Child Survival (MNCS) Interventions
Started on (Date) 2008
Phased out (Date) 2012
Funded by AusAID
Implementing Partner Unicef Bangladesh
Working area Sherpur District
Goal and Objectives “To reduce maternal-neonatal and under-five child mortality”
Key interventions
  • Household visit,
  • Pregnant Mother visit,
  • Local Level Planning and Coordination (LLP,
  • Micro plan development for MNCSWC, Union &Upazilla level,
  • Basic training on ENC & PNC Package for MNCSP,
  • 1 day orientation for Opinion leaders,
  • Basic ANC training for paramedics/staffs,
  • Monthly Co-ordination meeting with CS, DDCC, UDCC,
Result of intervention
  1. Children protected by valid immunization
  2. Care givers  practiced  a set of essential child care behaviors
  3. Under-five children with pneumonia, malaria and neonatal sepsis will receive appropriate treatment
  4. Children protected from micronutrient deficiency by vitamin A supplements, deworming tablet and iodized salt.
Project outcome
  • Having knowledge and skilled MNCS staffs & Promoters,
  • Active  CCMG& MNCSWC.
  • Close coordination among GoB, NGOs and other stakeholders.
  • Improved status of Local Govt. involvement and coordination.
  • Government initiatives for functioning community Clinics.


Impressive photographs (Project Image):