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Project Maternal Yang Child Nutrition Security Initiative  (MYCNSI ) Project
Started on (Date) 2012
Phased out (Date) 2013
Funded by EU &Unicef
Implementing Partner Care Bangladesh
Working area Islampur and SarisabariUpozila in Jamalpur District
Objectives “Stunting among young children (0-36months) will be reduced by 5 percentage points, and anaemia in young children (0-23months) and pregnant women will be reduced by one-third.”
Key interventions






  • 8 days residential ToT for 2 staff (FC and PM) on  community focused approach counseling on maternal  nutrition and IYCF, anaemia, CMAM, C-IMCI,
  • 6 days residential training for 480 CHNVs on community focused approach counseling on maternal nutrition, IYCF, anaemia, CMAM and C-IMCI, # IYCF,
  • Participation with IYCF Micro plan,
  • 1 Day Training  for CG Members,
  • World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) observation,
  • Folk Song,
  • Day long Mother Support group Training,
  • Seed &  fencing/caring  Support for Gardening (2 times,),
  • Duck Support  (10 Duck, Duck House/Feed),
  • IGA Seed Money  6000/-
Result of intervention
  1. # Stunting and anaemia objectives reflected in US activities
  2. # Integrated IYCF action plans in place and endorsed by all stakeholders
  3. #  Master trainers with skill to implement training
  4. # Supervisors capable of providing support
  5. # Workers/volunteers with skills to implement the package
  6. # Volunteers undergo 1 day/month refresher training
  7. #  Peer support groups and household counseling active at community level
  8. # Sick children referred
  9. # Uncomplicated SAM cases treated at community
  10. # “Tippy-tap” set up in homes, community based institutions
  11. #  EC material visible in community/household
  12. # Planned advocacy events attended by targeted stakeholders
Project outcome
  • # Homestead Gardening,
  • #  The selected beneficiary interested on livelihood activities.
  • # They are fond of also the training on business plan, IGA,
  • #  Skills Development training changed the mothers empowered with financial sustainability.,
  • #  Positive the IYCF and hygiene practice.

Impressive photographs (Project Image):